40 thoughts on “Highlights: TDT crypto trading roundtable

  1. Here I sit, again, lonely by the phone, or really, waiting for admin’s next post.

    The waiting and the longing and the hoping hurt, admin.

    But then you breeze back in, like you were never gone, dishing humor and hot broads with skill and aplomb.

    I just can’t quit you, admin…

  2. Blink twice if you’re OK. Blink once if you’re dead. Use your fingers to pull your eyelids to look like an Asian if you think it would be really really funny.

      1. Bullshit .. asking “I wonder what her ass tastes like?” never gets old.

        It’s like the universal punch line to all jokes that always works … “and the Jew said, I’ll get the check”

  3. Landslide, rocks are falling, falling down upon our very heads
    We tried but you were yawning, look again
    The Tap is dead
    The Tap is dead
    The Tap is dead…

  4. Fuck! I hope Admin hasn’t become the gimp and is being boxed up against his will. He might need our help. I hope he’s jotting down some good material until then.

  5. Gentlemen!

    Forgive my absence. I’ve been away documenting several young ladies and their report-taking abilities. I’m looking for a booking agent! Promptly!

    Good day to you all.

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