Looming Large

So I took Jan & Feb off.

Large shook me from my doldrums.

28 thoughts on “Looming Large

      1. My dearest Admin,

        May I recommend three shots of whiskly of the Scots, four Pall Mall cigarettes (Dunhill will make a fine substitute), and a beetroot and Devil’s club poultice applied to your aching member by a 20 year-old coed on a break from Northwestern University.

        Alternatively, I can also recommend all manner of Oriental massage.

        May you endeavour in good health.

        Good day to you.

  1. You had me at “So I took Jan & Feb off.” Admin. Great pic of the Welcome Back Kotter cast. The 70s was time when not only bros had fros.

  2. You dick.

    Don’t ever do that again.

    Feel better and all that crap, but at least send a signal that you are still alive and kicking.

    I don’t even know you and I was mournful that something had actually happened to the only web purveyor of soft porn I can trust.

    Do you know how vital you are to married men of my age? It’s like feeding the birds in winter. You can’t stop cause if you do, they will die.

  3. Glad your alive, rested, well, and ready to fritter away both your’s and our time with the idiocy that we have now accepted as our only Lord and savior. I was having a crisis of faith and almost threw out my Fleshlight and gallon of Hotlube. I’m very happy that, like always, I was wrong. Plus my wife told me last night that she wants me out of the house and it was either laugh at this site or blow my brains out…so there’s that.

    1. You should laugh. Mrs. Donger moved out a couple of months ago. Tinder/Bumble/ AFF/even Craigslist. Holy fuck! Who knew? Never thought i would have this type of fun again. All ages and races. Did you know that most women are really fuckin horny and wet all the time, these days? Well, they are. God bless you. And I’m an atheist.

      1. True dat.

        My buddy was married for 25 years. Never really loved her.

        Anyway, we have a beer and dinner weekly just so he can download his Penthouse Forum life to someone else.

        Some call it bragging. I call it a lifeline.

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