Suddenly Meat on Friday

So much to disgust. But only after we tie on a feedbag.

Pretzel Twist

Island Punch

Turkey Giblet

Danza A&T Sampler



Steak au Poîvre

Chocolate Starfish

Bon appetite los animales!

11 thoughts on “Suddenly Meat on Friday

  1. If that Pretzel Twist clickthru is what happens after some time off, Admin, go into a coma!!!!!!!

    (Admin, please don’t actually go into a coma.)

  2. Punches aplenty, gentlemen! Of islands and lingual pleasures, as well. I say to you, in the parlance of today’s young-folk, that I rather enjoyed seeing one twisted pretzel’s “tongue-punching the fartbox” of the other! I sincerely hope the servicing was reciprocal, as it were.

    Good day to you all!

  3. Glad you’re back Admin, because I was developing a nervous facial tick from a lack of ‘quality’ content. Starfish with a 32″ of Island Punch please…

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