The full McDougal

Karen McDougal is in the news for relations with President Trump. She was a Playboy Playmate in 1998, widely regarded as a good year for hot naked women – certainly on par with ’97 & ’99. True halcyon days.

Being a Playmate is just dandy but we issue no waivers here.

TDT’s Committee of Standards, as rigorous and fussy as ever, needed to ensure that indeed the ass checks out…

So be it.

As a small-town girl in Sawyer, Michigan, Karen McDougal was a tomboy until a late-teens growth spurt turned her into a beauty queen.

This Karen McDougal. She has a unique way of catching crabs.

Unfortunately Google Image Search can’t read minds.

Apparently there’s more than one nude Karen McDougal out there…

12 thoughts on “The full McDougal

  1. The difference between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump is never greater than the women they’ve bedded.

    The difference is so staggering that is almost unmeasurable.

    Trump should run an ad of his conquests v. Bill’s women and Hillary. He would have won in Reaganesque fashion.

    Thanks admin.

    1. Trump doesn’t like em with too many miles, so he leases.

      Whereas the clintons must really be in love.

      Oh- I shan’t be visiting chubbyloving today, or ever.

  2. LaFawnduh wasn’t worried when Kip threatened her about gaining weight. There is always another chubby lover just around the corner.

  3. The biggest difference between Trump and Slick Willie outside looks was consent. Biggest difference between Trump and Obama was Fucking Playmates and pornstars (Donald) versus fucking Reggie Love (Obama).

  4. Respek.

    Damn, not a real man in America who doesn’t envy DJT. Goofy hair, whack tweets, orange skin. I bet more men vote for him in 2020 as a result of these “rumors”.

    Just for his action, he should get the brotha’s vote!

  5. The more I think about at that dude hitting Oprah, the more the song “sittin on the toilet” comes to mind, and when he’s done she says “Fluuuuussssh!”

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