60 thoughts on “Culo Miércoles esplanade

  1. Numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6, makes believe that there is a god.

    No way women that hot happen accidentally.

    Well done Admin.

  2. Uh oh….no Friday meat. Granted, it’s lent, but the Admin’s past disappearance has me worried.

    Admin?!?!? You ok or did you just have another of those occupational Jergens accidents again?

  3. Admin my friend, it’s been a week and we don’t want to start worrying again. And I can only think about how far up Souped up’s ass I could get my head for so long. So how about another post?

    Unless you’re on a bender with Sam Nunberg, then take your time, but take notes.

  4. Kind sirs,

    I’ve been in contact with Admin, and his only request was to have my courier bring Pop-Tarts (Strawberry Frosted, specifically) and at least two dozen wine coolers in various flavours to an address which cannot be disclosed to you at this time. He insists that he is in good care, and the mistresses from Vassar and Brown who are in his company have reverted to–shall we say–more ‘Brazilian’ fashions rather than the current hirsute trends which have become de rigueur.

    I trust that this message finds you all in good health and humour.

    Good day to you all.

  5. This little minx, Kathleen Schaetzel, keeps paddlin’ across all my devices and I never even subscribed to JDate, swear. Against any good sense I never had and in Admin’s absence I dug a little deeper and found the ass do.

  6. Admin, I’m canceling my subscription to this blog. Your lack of energy and enthusiasm is a serious disappointment. The makers of Jergens are forming a class action lawsuit for loss of sales because of this complete negligence of duties. The law team of Attorneys Shea Versnatch and Oliver Closov will be representing them.

  7. Shut it down Admin. You’re making those hapless little birds fly into the same sheet of glass again and again. It’s heartbreaking. I beg you to end this cruelty, open the window and set them free.

  8. Domino’s Beat:
    Brother on Nextdoor app not happy with his chicken order:

    “I ordered a 14 piece boneless chicken, and received 8 to 9 nuggets instead, with about 4 to 5 of them cut in half! yes I did get more than 14 pieces, but seriously?

    I thought it was funny, and wanted to share.

    I called the customer service number at 804-644-3030 and talked to ‘Carissa’ and got hung up when she put me on ‘hold’ when I asked for the manager

    Called again, and then she said that she was the manager and that sometimes that happens in the process of making chicken cuts? WTF?! Anyway, I had to drag out an apology… I really didn’t want a credit or money back… I wanted them to own up that they got someone on their team that must be malnutrition because he/she is stealing chicken nuggets and eating them from customer’s orders.

    She half apologized (you could tell she didn’t care), and I doubt anything will come up with my calls for improved training. However she did offer me a credit for the nuggets.”

    Store 4250
    111 N Belvidere St.

    In defense to Dominos, I have made about 6-7 purchases with no problem, but this was way off, and weird.

  9. It has now been over a month admin… The black low rider and curvaceous Latina are beginning to haunt my dreams (I think she ate the cholo driving it).

    When you come up for air from the bowels of whatever struggle you currently find yourself in, it is my hope that the massive quantities of backlogged content will be distributed to all Tappers.

    On this holy Thursday, may peace be with you admin.

  10. On this Easter Sunday, there is only one resurrection I am waiting for. Come back to us admin…..just move that big ol’ rock from the front of the cave!!!!

  11. When it comes to making picks for the Masters pool, the golfer’s main squeeze figures prominently. Been a solid Dustin Johnson fan for a couple years now.

    But now ol’ Rickie Fowler’s given me pause to reflect on my choices in life with this longtime Tap favorite. Who can forget?

    1. I didn’t put that together until this morning; even after seeing her yesterday. Good for him.

  12. For those who might be curious (bi curious perhaps?), Admin is with me. We did 28 days at Passages Malibu for a raging coke/meth/crank addition and then scurried down to ol’ Mexico for some hot PNP action. Until Admin (lil’ Large) somehow gets my fist out of his you know what, there ain’t ever going to be another post here on the Tap. For all you closeted cock suckers who blew me shit and took my loads over the years, I say it’s so verrry cold in the D. Peace out bitches!

      1. Snffff. I’ll never be able to say “I wonder what her asshole tastes like?” Without bursting into tears.

  13. Our worst fears have been realized.

    It seems our own admin has fallen prey to the mortal enemy of the West and the Enlightenment Values which we hold dear. He’s become a Postmodernist effeminate soyboy who is likely, at this very moment, at the local CVS purchasing a wine box, pink of course, and two large jars of Albolene for off-label usage involving a speculum and D-cell Maglite electric torch; with which he will return to an undisclosed apartment near Vassar College to continue his studies in the Cognitive and Meta-Cognitive Rationalizations Involving the Destruction of Ethocentrism and the Patriarchy.

    In fact, a scant 24-hours ago, it was reported by two well-placed and highly reliable sources, that he has also abandoned his post as President and Founder of the Culo Foundation, for which a successor has not been named, and has set upon the joint tasks of “community organizing” and “active resistance”. He has also requested three hard-bound editions of the _Jezebel:_The_Complete_Online_Blog 2007 – 2014. I’m not certain of the implications of this, and his tumblr hasn’t intimated, as far as I can discern, the purpose. I am fearful.

    I wish I had better news for you all. I am crestfallen.

    Good day to you all.

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