Let there be Meat on Friday

Pity he who say carnivores extinct, for he hath not a feed bag.

Jumping Beans

Potato Salad

Homemade A&T

Hot Dogs



Bon appetite los animales!

11 thoughts on “Let there be Meat on Friday

  1. I normally like potato salad, especially once it gets to be beach weather, but this potato salad is a little iffy. This batch seems a little bland.

    We need some better salad than this sample. I’m not letting the standards of this site slip simply because we are all hungry for some fresh Friday meat

    I’d have to pass on everything but #2.

  2. Admin!!!!!! The APB worked!
    The Hot Dog Click Through was almost worth the wait. First keyboard i ruined since your Culo Miercoles post in late Feb

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