Culo Miércoles el mini Tigre

Dear chaps,

Please forgive admin. He not only refers to himself in the 3rd person when writing tardy notes to a bunch of faggots, but also suffers from brain damage that you gave him.

He is very angry now, hope you’re happy.



Make money -> Buy boat.

A&T classico.



Action packer.

Haines, DeNiro…

I don’t like CNBC. The hosts nowadays just seem like smarmy douchebags that I would have zero interest in spending any time with in my back yard. But Mark Haines (the original host of Squawk Box) was different. He had “it” and spoke to guys like he was in the same boat as the rest of us.

I was sad reading about the anniversary of his passing today, and I thought it would be fitting to post a video of him letting an old-school trader on an old-school trading desk be funny… Not condescending… Not inappropriate… Just funny.

Rest in peace, Mark, and I hope your family takes solace in the fact That one I won close to $800 on you in my office dead pool.


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And DeNiro soldiers on…

I was right. They were all wrong.

Some of you know me as admin, but almost all of you know me better as Feelisha Peekinstein, Gender Issues Editor and legendary columnist at The Waldo Tribune … but now I must resign over our vaunted Anti-Bullying issue because our resident artist apparently lives in a world where bullies resemble mental patients.


All I wanted to do was clear up misconceptions and I felt like Crocodile Dundee saying “Knawfe? No, mate, now this a KNAWFE!” when I presented the Tribune staff with evidence of real deal tit bullying.


They couldn’t handle it – not even when my presentation came sourced, cited, and documented.

1) minion
2) bully
3) homos
4) Wednesday’s child

I told them of the viciousness.


I demonstrated how things are really out of control.


But all their heads remain stuck in the sand, unwilling to see the truth – a truth I cautiously must share with you.


Because that’s my job.

Bang Fit

So now thanks to my smart phone I can go to the gym and not even leave the ladies locker room** to get my workout in. Progress.

** It’s crazy but every time I go to Planet Fitness my gender auto-switches itself as I enter the place. Can’t explain it but it’s true.