Dropped this guest off

April 16th, 2014

Author Jenna Jameson was at today’s party but we had to drop her off at the TV station for some book promotion.

Fox said she was wasted (I dispute that – I think they’re just uptight) and hosed her down and gave it another take…

That interview was the highlight of that guy’s life. “Hey, I’ve always wondered – what’s your phone number?”

Party games

April 16th, 2014

The party is in full swing now. Let’s play games.

Been awhile. I forget what this parlor game is called…

Supposedly this wall flower is a bully …

Piss on that guy.

Some show n’ tell.

Amped up for sound.
amped up

Local talent secured, Wednesday party is on!

Hey, who invited these bullies?

You’re invited

April 16th, 2014

It’s party time.


All the VIPs.


Gift bags.

I am genuinely upset

April 15th, 2014

No other way to react to the news that Sean Penn is not only with (in Hollywood: “with” = buttsex on the reg, both ways) Charlize Theron, but close to engaged.

I was seriously hoping to nail her, I even practiced my “just in case I meet Charlize Theron” pickup line monthly.


My line, committed to heart, was:

“Hey, you look just like my favorite actress, Charlize Theron – her performance in Children of the Corn III yielded me an erection. I owe her a bone, no strings attached.”



She was young once and needed the money – Playboy found them and ran that shit in ’99, against her wishes. Ha!

Charlize Theron Wallpaper


Charlize is from South Africa, of hearty Boer stock.


Generously bottomed pioneering folk.


And Danza was his name-o

April 15th, 2014

Joe Bravo boots home a winner at Oaklawn – big time.

The Arkansas Derby is a major Derby prep, Smarty Jones won big there too.

Though no one at Oaklawn will doubt Danza, the racing world is fixated on California Chrome so we’ll see generous Derby odds on this Pletcher-trained horse.

This was his second race of the year. 3-year olds are young horses, often maturing on a week-by-week basis. Let’s look and see what month these horses were born. Let’s see if CaliChrome is a Jan/Feb horse and if Danza is May/Jun. Seems to me that Danza is all grown up now and dropping horse cock all over the stable.

We will support Danza in his quest for greatness.