Lax god thinks he’s superman 

Remove your caps, gentlemen, for there goes the three time captain of the Coker lacrosse team …


Masciarelli allegedly “would stop on occasion and pose like Superman exposing himself and urinating.”

When confronted by a sheriff’s deputy, Masciarelli “could not explain why he had no pants on,” nor did he know the way home.

Ah, there’s nothing here, he’s just going through a phase. A very fun fucking phase.

Something nice to look at

Tuesdays can be rough. Thought you might like this.

Doutzen Kroes …

Doutzen is a dedicated Kim K-level mudshark – so if you want to hammerstick her fupa you got your work cut out for you.

Kyla Gray …

Most my Chinese girlfriends enjoy some Wang Chung. Dance Hall Days!

Night and day in LA…

Jim Morrison was a poet and LA was his muse. He spent 10 minutes a day composing lyrics and the rest of the time getting bombed and chasing tail. He also wore the same leather pants every day for seven months. I did that once too except with sweatpants. No one noticed.

Hannah Ferguson…

Hannah has nice ass.