Hazing beat: AOPi – Albany

Uh oh, underground sorority at SUNY Albany been had hazing.

It’s all there, binge drinking, pouring urine on pledges, stepping on them with heels … plus the ol’ sticking onions in their pants thing.

Honestly, I think jail might be a better time than U of Albany.

Here are the arrested with their original pledge names.


Reactions on campus were mixed…

AOPi with that gangsta feel …

jenny representin’ alpha phi …

frat bro knows …

sunshine blowing smoke …

Recrimination Day 2016

A fond look back …


Now that our cockles are warmed let’s review the celebrity list that promised to leave the US if Trump was elected President:

• Amy Schumer … Did you know President Trump has already penned his first executive order?

rosie1The O’Donnell Act of 2017: Deport all fat, loudmouth comediennes and Seth Rogen to Canada.

Sincere apologies to Canada.

• Lena Dunham … Subject to O’Donnell Act.
• Barbra Streisand … GTFO.
• Bryan Cranston … Great work. Now GTFO.
• Miley Cyrus … Show us your tits. Now GTFO.
• Jon Stewart … LOL. GTFO.
• Chelsea Handler … Don’t worry, no one will notice what you do.
• Samuel L. Jackson … GTFO motherfucker. Do you speak it?
• Whoopi Goldberg … LOL. GTFO.
• George Lopez … Go. You may re-enter and apply for job at Trump. Le-gal-ly.
• Ne-Yo … Who are you?
• Raven-Symoné … The one celeb I will truly miss. Now GTFO.

Now, as you might imagine some of these softies might drag their feet a little in making good on their pledge. Fortunately, we have elected the right guy to deal with such emergencies….